Wild Hog Explosion!

An EXPLOSION of action featuring a WILD HOG CATCH! Avid Hunters would cringe at the thought of hand-to-hand with a Texas Wild Hog. That’s right! Texas WILD HOGS are brought in for an action packed day. Teams of two enter the ring, catch a hog (easier said than done!), and race to the finish line! Best team wins! Winners are awarded commemorative belt buckles. Thrills, Squeals & Spills! Fast paced, action-packed day of fun and people vs. pig plays out right before your eyes. It’s so much fun, you may even decide to give it a try yourself before the day is out! Light Weight Division, Medium Weight Division (Women)  and Heavy Weight (Men) Division are available with entry fee of $30.00 per team. We even have a runt and shoat piglet scramble for kids ages 3-9 with an entry fee of $5.00.

No animals are hurt during this wild hog catch. If you own domestic hogs and raise them for sale or as many youths do, for Stock Shows, they must be caught to be given shots or medicine, or for other medical procedures. To do that, you must chase them, catch them, and hold them, or, if you are concerned about being bit, placed in a gunny sack. In this competition, the catch team has only 1 minute to catch the hog. So the animals are not hurt in any way. Heavy carpet is put around the catch arena so the hogs do not run into any fencing where they could be hurt.

What Else is Going On?

Come for the day. Bring the family and enjoy Arts and Crafts, An LSBBQ Cook-Off cooking competition including pork ribs, and Music. Great fun for the whole family!

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